Making Awesome

An impressive conglomerate of talented and persistent individuals are out there who can imagine, design, and build things with their own hands. These “maker” types see objects in stores and think, “I could do that,” or invent a creative solution in their minds and yearn to try to make it real. 

However, many talented and imaginative individuals just don’t have access to the complex and expensive tools needed to manifest their ideas.

Such “makers” feel they have found their mecca when they discover the existence of Making Awesome, a non-profit arts and technology makerspace in Railroad Square Art Park.  The unique name is fitting because members use a wide variety of really awesome tools and machinery to MAKE AWESOME STUFF!

This makerspace was founded by a group of people who saw the need for a place where creative-minded individuals without their own shops could have access to the resources necessary to fabricate their ideas into reality.   Making Awesome, a raw industrial space, consists of a series of stations/shops with an impressive variety of tools and machines, including a wood shop, a metal/jewelry shop, a fabrication lab (with multiple 3-D printers and a laser cutter!), an electronics lab, and a machine shop!  Makers are especially excited about the space’s brand new CNC machine, which turns computer models into carved objects!

Making Awesome hosts public tours every Wednesday evening at 7pm.  This is the first step to take if you are interested in learning more.  How wonderful it is that such a space exists in Tallahassee, providing access to an incredible variety of tools that make it possible for creatives to test out their ideas, sharpen their skills, and MAKE AWESOME!    

Located at 1009 Commercial Drive and on the web at

Photography by Josh Hobson (

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