Mickee Faust Club

Mickee Faust: Academy for the REALLY Dramatic Arts provides a truly one-of-a-kind theatrical service for the Tallahassee community.  It is hard to describe their performances to someone who has never seen a show…it is really something you just have to experience.  Eclectic is an understatement.  Edgy, provocative, political, satirical, and “weird” (an adjective they fully embrace and promote, describing their organization as “Community Theater for the Weird Community!”).
Mickee Faust, the leader of the theater club, is the character after which the theater club is named.  Mickee Faust, the character, has been described as the “illegitimate sewer rat brother” of the “better-known, better-groomed” Disney World Mickey.  The actress who embodies Faust is the tiny but larger than life, Terry Galloway.

Over 30 years ago, Terry Galloway, and her wife and fellow “Fauskateer” Donna Marie Nudd, created this original, in-your-face, hilariously provocative theater, radio, and video production.  Behind the crazy characters and the wild acts, there is a group of very hard-working people who run the non-profit, write grants, and fill in a gap in community resources.

In addition to making people laugh and providing a type of edgy entertainment you couldn’t find anywhere else in town, Mickee Faust Theater Club’s mission is to involve a diverse community of people, providing individuals from groups that are often marginalized with an opportunity to fully participate in a theater.  Foremost involved in these collaborative performances are gay and lesbian individuals and people with disabilities.  Terry, being deaf herself, understood the importance of providing an environment in which individuals with disabilities could be fully engaged participants in community theater.
With this mission at the forefront, Faust was awarded the Florida Division of Cultural Affairs First Diversity and Inclusion Award and has received numerous grants over the years from the prestigious Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation.  Most recently, a grant from this foundation provided Faust with the  ability to build a fully-accessible stage in their backyard, wired with light and sound.  As this non-profit runs off of ticket sales, a few grants, and a great deal of labor from its leaders, donations from the community are always needed and appreciated.

The best way to hear about upcoming shows is to follow their Facebook page.  Often, there is a pre-show musical act and mingle in their backyard, which borders the Capital Cascades Greenway.  You can also read more about Faust online or sign-up for their email list under “Contact Us” on mickeefaust.com.
Tired of the same old, same old entertainment?  Enjoy provocative, edgy, won’t-hear-it-anywhere-else satire?  Check out Mickee Faust Theater in Railroad Square Art Park, the Academy for the REALLY Dramatic Arts.