After the Fox Fine Antique Furniture Restoration

For 22 years, After the Fox Fine Antique Furniture Restoration has been restoring family furniture treasures in Railroad Square. Their techniques have been commended by museums and professionals as representing the best of the old-world craftsmen.

Owner and master craftsman, Allen Thompson, first began restoring furniture when he was quite young. Allen’s grandfather was the first to recognize Allen’s sharp mind and natural inclination to fix things (“a born tinkerer!”). Thus, he mentored Allen, teaching him the mechanical skills he would build upon to eventually become a master craftsman. Today, museums and fine antique collectors reach out to him to restore, repair, and conserve fine antique furniture.

One of the fascinating projects After the Fox is currently working on is the conservation and restoration of the fine antique furniture of Goodwood Museum and Gardens. They are also working with several private collectors to restore incredible antiques such as a Renaissance Revival China Cabinet from the middle 1850’s, as well as a Louis XV style desk that predates 1830!

If you have an interest in antiques, be sure to visit After the Fox to experience the historic treasures they are working on. More than a furniture repair studio, it is a gallery of stories and adventures in antique restoration.

After the Fox Fine Antique Furniture Restoration is located at 676 Industrial Drive in Railroad Square Art Park. After the Fox is open by appointment only, although feel free to knock on the door on Sundays, while they are typically in the midst of restoration activities. It is a very welcoming place! To make an appointment or discuss a project, they can be reached by calling (850) 509 – 7512.

Photography by Josh Hobson (