Artisans Gallery

Take a stroll through the looking glass and enter a psychedelic art EXPERIENCE at Artisans Gallery in Railroad Square!  Artisans is a 3D UV (ultra-violet) art studio that develops unusual, interactive art experiences for the public. 

Artisans Gallery founder, Perdita Ross, has been a member of the Railroad Square community for well over a decade and has pretty much seen it all.  With her incredible creativity and significant insight into the art world, she really “hit the nail on the head” when she decided that the Tallahassee community needs to not just see art on a wall in a traditional sense, but really EXPERIENCE art first-hand!  That’s what Artisans offers!

Once a month, on First Fridays, visitors can participate in a FREE blacklight art activity.  When you enter the gallery, you actually become part of the experimental artworks at Artisans studio.  You can dress-up in funky neon clothes that light-up under the blacklights and express yourself however you heart desires!

Artisans promotes interactive blacklight art activities for people of all ages and skill levels. Anyone who desires to participate can collaborate to create something artistic during a First Friday event (which just so happens to be THIS FRIDAY)!

The famously art-focused city of Santa Fe, New Mexico has a 20,000 square-foot blacklight and neon funhouse that provides a similar experience.  Thanks to Perdita, Tallahassee has a miniature, “fun-size” version of this spectacle.  When is the last time you entered a blacklight art room?! It’s really cool and definitely worth checking out!

Railroad Square Art Park would also like to recognize Perdita Ross of Artisans Gallery for volunteering to direct the recently completed Art Moves Mural Rehabilitation Project.  Thanks to Perdita, Fun for Tally Kids, and high school volunteers, the original “Art Moves” mural has now been renovated, and it looks great!

Artisans Gallery is located at 694-4B Industrial Drive in Railroad Square Art Park. You can find out more information online at: or by calling the founder, Perdita Ross, directly at  (850) 524 9972 .

Photography by Josh Hobson (