The Bees Knees

Want to see a great example of an artsy, locally-owned shop with a unique selection of items you won’t find anywhere else?  Come check out The Bee’s Knees!  Open the door into this colorful little fantasyland, and you feel transported into another world…a world of framed butterflies, turquoise and silver jewelry, fossils, and Dia De Los Muertos items.  The unusual array is fun and intriguing, and an appreciated reminder of the sensory experience we miss out on when sit in front of a computer to shop on Amazon.

Founder, Lyn Russell, owned a gift store in Tallahassee 20 years ago.  She then moved away, and is now elated to be back and have a new store in Railroad Square Art Park.  This tiny shop is a true family business.  Lyn’s sister and her daughter, Sara, make some of the jewelry themselves.  They then travel a few times a year to hand-pick each additional piece, including exploring the Southwest for intriguing Native American turquoise pieces.  The Bee’s Knees is a labor of love and a testament to family members working together.

The Bee’s Knees is definitely a treasure chest waiting to be discovered and a sensory experience to be had.  To quote Lyn, “You won’t find the items in my store in a mall, chain store or on Amazon. We hand-pick all the pieces ourselves.  Stop by and say hello, we would love to meet ya!”

The Bee’s Knees is located at 1035 Commercial Drive in Railroad Square Art Park, at the end of “The Commercial Drive Boardwalk,” at the FAMU Way entrance into Railroad Square.  Her opening hours are currently 12 – 5pm Thursday to Sunday, and, of course, much later on First Fridays. For more information on The Bee’s Knees, check out their Facebook page at:  It’s The Bee’s Knees!